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Storybook (GWP)


This luxe kit includes all of Commodity's 15 premium unisex eau de parfums and makes the perfect gift or travel package.

Tonka Travel Spray (GWP)

Tonka Travel Spray

  • Top Notes 
  • Virginian Cedarwood, Bois de Rose, Eucalyptus, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes 
  • Alaskan Cypress, Amyris, Amber
  • Base Notes 
  • Musk, Sandalwood, Velvet

Wool Travel Spray (GWP)

Wool Travel Spray

  • Top Notes 
  • Mandarin, Grapefruit, Apple
  • Mid Notes 
  • Basil, Fresh Ozone, Cedarwood, Lavandin, Armoise
  • Base Notes
  • Amber, Haitian Vetiver, Gray Musk, Bourbon Vanilla

Commodity Bergamot 10ml Travel Spray Commodity Bergamot 10ml Travel Spray

Bergamot 10ml Travel Spray 10ml 0.35 oz

Commodity Bergamot is an energizing gender-neutral blend of bright, green notes and stark, bracing citrus is fresh, yet sophisticated.

Precious woods and amber hues support the composition’s citrus signature, while Amyris Oil from the Dominican Republic imparts a creamy, final effect.

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Perfumer's Inspiration

It’s not every day you meet a dreamer and a scientist. As a teenager, Stephen came across a National Geographic article about perfumers, and he instantly knew what path he wanted to follow. His ever-inquisitive mind led him to the world of science, and he received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. After an established career in flavors, he switched paths to follow his lifelong dream of becoming a perfumer. His inquisitive nature and curious mind brought him to New York City, where he started his perfumery training. Stephen believes in following dreams; his approach to perfume reflects a sense of play and intelligence. He believes that fragrances can truly bring people to a place of happiness, using scent as a visceral cue to recall memories or create new experiences.

I love citrus, I love its freshness; it is addictive in an energizing way. A superior quality Italian bergamot was my starting point with this fragrance. Its slightly unripe citrus notes are much more alive, like a vilifying refreshing tonic that awakens the soul.”

  • Top Notes Recognized immediately upon application of the perfume
  • Italian Bergamot, Brazilian Green Mandarin Oil, Clementine Oil
  • Mid Notes These “Heart notes” appear once the top notes evaporate
  • Jasmin Sambac Absolute, Moroccan Spearmint Oil, Egyptian Geranium Oil
  • Base Notes Final fragrance notes that appear once the top notes are completely evaporated
  • Patchouli Oil, Vetiver Oil, Blonde Musks, Violet Leaves

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The Perfumer

Stephen Nilsen

It’s not every day you meet a dreamer and a scientist.


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