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Orris Bath Bar (GWP)

Orris Bath Bar

  • Top Notes 
  • Carrot Seed Orpur, Pink Peppercorn, Italian Bergamot, Coriander Seed
  • Mid Notes 
  • White Lily of the Valley, Tea Blossom, Patchouli Oil, Moroccan Cedarwood
  • Base Notes
  • Italian Orris, Vetiver Oil, Vanilla Madagascar Orpur

Storybook (GWP)


This luxe kit includes all of Commodity's 15 premium unisex eau de parfums and makes the perfect gift or travel package.

Tonka Bath Bar (GWP)

Tonka Bath Bar

  • Top Notes 
  • Almond Oil, Indian Davana Oil, Cardamom oil
  • Mid Notes 
  • Lotus, Magnolia Oil
  • Base Notes 
  • Venezuelan Roasted Tonka Absolute, Peru Balsam Absolute, Australian Sandalwood Oil, Laos Benzoin Resinoid

Tonka Travel Spray (GWP)

Tonka Travel Spray

  • Top Notes 
  • Virginian Cedarwood, Bois de Rose, Eucalyptus, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes 
  • Alaskan Cypress, Amyris, Amber
  • Base Notes 
  • Musk, Sandalwood, Velvet

Wool Travel Spray (GWP)

Wool Travel Spray

  • Top Notes 
  • Mandarin, Grapefruit, Apple
  • Mid Notes 
  • Basil, Fresh Ozone, Cedarwood, Lavandin, Armoise
  • Base Notes
  • Amber, Haitian Vetiver, Gray Musk, Bourbon Vanilla

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Commodity Storybook


A scent anthology like no other -- Commodity's unisex fragrances are a unique and modern take on self-expression. This collection guides you through four chapters of exploration to craft a fragrance experience that's uniquely you.

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This set contains 15 x 1.5ml eau de parfums and a rating card. Behind every bottle is a story. What's yours? #commoditygoods

Chapter 1: Platinum Collection
Rich, Indulgent, Luxurious. Orris, Vetiver, Bergamot, Tonka, Leather.
Chapter 2: Black Collection
Dark, Complex, Mysterious. Book, Whiskey, Moss, Gin, Wool.
Chapter 3: White Collection
Bright, Fresh, Uplifting. Gold, Rain, Mimosa, Tea, Magnolia
Chapter 4: Your Collection
Adventurous, Unique, Personal. Wear each on its own, or create your own layered composition. This is your story -- there are no rules.


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Every Bottle Has a Story, What’s Yours?